Gateway Fun Park

4800 N. 28th St.

Boulder, CO

Gateway Fun Park may be a slight drive since it is located in North Boulder, but trust us on this one, it is totally worth it. Their batting cages are more fun than watching Britney Spears get out of a car without undergarments. They have fast-pitch baseball, slow-pitch baseball and sweet softball pitch stations for you to work on your beer league, big guy. The prices aren’t too steep either. If you really need some help, they offer 12 tokens for $20. After doing the research, we discovered that each token will get you 20 pitches. Add that by 12 and you have 240 pitches (hopefully our math is right…if not…that translates into A LOT of pitches, okay?).

Along with the great batting cages, they also offer go-karting, a human maze, two miniature golf courses, an arcade and a golf practice range. The prices aren’t too steep either.

This is just one of the many the cool things to do in Boulder?  Now you need a great place to live – right?  Call us now 888-902-5603

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